I used your product for the first time recently for a long haul trip to Dubai. I am an international Rugby 7s referee, and being in good physical condition on arrival is imperative heading into a big tournament in demanding conditions. The usual effects of long haul travel were noticeably less and I felt better on arrival. Well done on your product and I look forward to using it again on the way to
Las Vegas for my next 7s trip in February.

James McPhail - NZRU and IRB Rugby 7s Referee

I have used Flyhidrate on two long haul flights and felt way better on arrival than my travel companions. I like that it is designed not just for hydration but also for other flight issues like radiation exposure - not something I had ever thought about previously. I plan to use it on any future flights and take extra for the return journey.

Chris M.

My general feeling after my Flyhidrate flight was that I
felt great. I had no issues getting straight in to training and didn’t have the usual
lethargic feeling that I always have after long travel. So I can really only put that down to your product – The drinks actually tasted good and a lot better than I expected. They weren’t a problem to drink at all and if anything I looked forward to the next ones after the first one. I guess the big test was how my race went. I won, so for me Flyhidrate has made quite a significant impression. Awesome work guys, looking forward to my next trip and my next few bottles. Talk soon
Kind regards,
Dylan McNeice - Elite Triathlete - http://dylanmcneice.com

We had a gruelling flight over to South Africa, but a relatively quick flight back, so you can image Flyhidrate worked wonders. I must say, I swear by your product!  I had a conference to execute last week – I have not felt any jet-lag nor felt tired at all. The product was taken easily, and no issues getting the products through security. We were really happy! So thank you kindly for that, Flyhidrate made the travel part of our trip a lot easier – that’s for sure…

Rebecca, Auckland

Off to Vancouver in 24 hours then back home to NZ in 10 days and need to know where to get some more please. Can I buy it at Vancouver airport? Help please as 14 hour flight back home would be better feel with your
Many thanks,
Mark Dronjak - NZ

Flyhidrate has been the my ticket to in flight wellbeing! As a constant business traveller escorting tours my peak post flight performance is top of mind. Flyhidrate has not only assisted my hydration without countless toilet trips, whilst relieving my usual tired swollen legs but most importantly has allowed me to disembark off my long haul flights with more mind clarity then ever before. I need to be on top of my game escorting clients around the world, Flyhidrate has allowed me to do this, last the distance and enable my usual sleep patterns. I simply won’t travel without it.

Rosann Connolly-George (co-director and group escort leader for Vincent George Travel)

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for supplying my Flyhidrate pack to Brisbane for my trip to Europe. Your service was phenomenal with the CEO no less answering my question on the website! I took as instructed and arrived feeling pretty good. Great product and will definitely be buying
again for my next adventure. Thanking you.
Carolyn Vize

I just flew back from Auckland to San Francisco and purchased Flyhidrate for the first time. I feel FANTASTIC!! Everyone else in my party is suffering Jetlag effects and I am feeling great and back to work after a 7 hour sleep! When will Flyhidrate be available online or in the states? On
another note, I handle a lot of touring musicians and have already recommended
this to all of them. As soon as this is available worldwide, please let me know
and I will post on our sites and facebook pages....it really was THAT good!

Terry Davies

TAD Management LLC

Flyhidrate will be massive. No more worries about dehydration and importantly reducing the effects of DVT. Great product.

Thank you for sending some Flyhidrate for us to use on our recent flight from the UK to San Francisco. We felt so well when we got to the States. Mum suffers with chronic fatigue and we honestly believe Flyhidrate made a world of difference to her well-being during and after the long-haulflight. We are looking forward to your powder product range launching in the UK so that we can stock up and use it on all upcoming flights.

Many thanks

Sarah Rule - http://www.sportsrule.co.uk

Chris your product flawed me I travelled with my 15 yr old daughter we caught the 2355 Akl to Hkg she felt jet lagged and for the 1st time ever i had none at all. I intend to buy several bottles on my way back thru Akl airport. I think a huge mrkt as a health drink. Way beyond NZ.

After sixteen years operating a heavy turboprop aircraft on domestic night freight perations between two of New Zealand's major cities, Auckland and Christchurch, the effects of a combination of regular exposure to high cabin altitude (approx 10,000 feet) during cruise, and other factors such as higher than normal temperatures and high work load flight deck environment, as experienced on this particular aircraft type, were becoming apparent.

Due to fact that most airfreight flight crew spend a great deal of their time working abnormal hours (back of the clock) much of it after midnight local time, sleep patterns are affected too. Many of us freight pilots average around three to four hours per day between duties, catching up on sleep when time and circumstances permit.

Even though I regularly drink a quantity of bottled water during the flight, eat healthy food and follow a relatively strict fitness regimen, I still feel the effects of exposure to this work environment.

After trialing Flyhidrate product over several nights, and closely following the instructions recommended for short haul ops, I did start to notice a positive difference. I noticed that I wasn't suffering from the fatigued / hung over feeling that regularly follows a series of nights operations. My
additional conclusion:
- Flyhidrate appears to encourage you to consume extra fluids (water)
- It does appear to be beneficial, by providing a better hydration base than
bottled water.

I personally recommend this product to long haul passengers and Flight crew.

Phillip Hoare
Captain CV 580 / CV5800.
Auckland, New Zealand.